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Coloring Pages

Here's a collection of downloadable coloring pages that explore a few themes relevant to organic growing. 

  • Teachers and families are encouraged to use these with your youngsters. 

  • Farmers at Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, or with CSA's might consider sharing printed copies as little bonuses or lagniappe for their customers with children.  

  • Grown-ups who enjoy transforming black and white line art into something far more beautiful (and perhaps informative) are invited to download and color these as well. 

Locally-Grown Foods: A Few Native American Favorites

c.p. 2020 Native American Foods NOFA-NH.

Why Buy Organically-Grown, Local Products?

Why Buy Organically Grown NOFA-NH 2021 j


c.p. 2020 Strawberries NOFA-NH.png

Refreshing Leaf Teas or Fruit Beverages

c.p. 2020 Herbal Teas and Beverages NOFA

Seeds on a Journey

c.p. 2020 Traveling Seeds NOFA-NH.png

Apples Through the Years

c.p. 2020 Apples NOFA-NH.png

Plants - So Many Ways to Keep Growing!

c.p. 2020 Vegetative Plant Propagation N

Some Important Citizens of the Soil

c.p. 2020 Soil Citizens NOFA-NH.png

Compost - What and Why?

Composting Basic EB and NOFANH.png

Most of these coloring pages are reprinted from NOFA-NH's newsletters from the 2010's when the outstanding herbalist and author Maria Noel Groves was providing editorial leadership. They were designed by NOFA-NH Board Member, educator and artist, Edith Pucci Couchman. 


Edith was also the primary illustrator for the 2020 NH Indigenous Calendar project developed by NH Farm to School, the NH Indigenous Collaborative Collective and the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People. For more coloring pages and activities about gardening and the ecology of this bioregion, visit Edith's website:

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