Coloring Pages

The following resources were developed by Edith Pucci Couchman, Vice President of NOFA-NH's Board of Directors.

Locally-Grown Foods: A Few Native American Favorites

c.p. 2020 Native American Foods NOFA-NH.

Refreshing Leaf Teas or Fruit Beverages

c.p. 2020 Herbal Teas and Beverages NOFA

Plants - So Many Ways to Keep Growing!

c.p. 2020 Vegetative Plant Propagation N

Why Buy Organically-Grown, Local Products?

c.p. 2020 Why Buy Organically Grown NOFA

Seeds on a Journey

c.p. 2020 Traveling Seeds NOFA-NH.png

Some Important Citizens of the Soil

c.p. 2020 Soil Citizens NOFA-NH.png


c.p. 2020 Strawberries NOFA-NH.png

Apples Through the Years

c.p. 2020 Apples NOFA-NH.png