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Annually NOFA-NH recognizes leaders in the organic farming community. Winners are people and organizations actively working to improve our local food system and communities. All winners are peer nominated and recognized at the Winter Conference.
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Nomiate Award Winner

Closes Dec 31st

Community Partner of the Year

A farmer, food business, or other organization who is making a broad impact on the NH food system through their network and community partnerships.

Leading Organic Grower of the Year

A farmer or home gardener whose deep commitment to growing organically for the future of our planet is exemplified by their practices.

Mentor of the Year

Any farmer, gardener, landscaper, or food system professional who demonstrates a strong commitment to helping others grow. 

Outstanding Beginning Farmer of the Year

A beginning farmer (who has operated a farm for 10 years or less) who is establishing themselves as a leader in the NH organic community and food system. 

Policy & Advocacy Leader of the Year

A person whose efforts with policy and advocacy have made a positive impact on the goals and values related to organic practices, sustainable food, and equity. 

Volunteer of the Year

An outstanding volunteer whose dedicated service to NOFA-NH has made a significant difference to the organization and New Hampshire’s organic community.

Educator of the Year

Any person who is committed to educating the community and future generations on regenerative, ecologically sound gardening, farming and land care practices. 

Organic Community Awards

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