"Feeding the Family" Organic Gardening Series

Are you tending a garden for the first time, or have you been growing for many years now? NOFA-NH's "Feeding the Family" Organic Gardening Workshop Series offers tips for new and experienced gardeners seeking to feed themselves and their families. 


Learn about garden planning, permaculture principles, fruit and nut trees, raising chickens, container gardening, and backyard herbs in this online workshop series! Attend 1, 2, 3 or all 6 classes!


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Vegetable Garden Planning | Ron Christie, Living Earth Farm


Learn how to better plan your garden to improve quality and increase yields, be more environmentally friendly, and work smarter not harder. This class covers all you need to know to plan for a successful growing season, from selecting your garden location to what to grow to seeds, equipment, supplies and more.

Ron Christie Photo.png

Ron Christie is passionate about teaching people how to grow their own nutritious organic food for better health and well-being. He is an avid four-season grower, and a former NOFA-NH Board Member and Master Gardener who loves sharing his experiences as a gardener and farmer. Ron and his family own Living Earth Farm in Concord, NH, and are the former owners of a certified organic vegetable and fruit micro-farm in Brookline, NH.

Cultivating Fruit & Nut Trees | Nicko Rubin, East Hill Tree Farm


Fruit and nut trees can provide a bounty for generations. Nursery owner Nicko Rubin shares his experience in this workshop. How do we avoid Common problems and failures? How do we ensure our trees have what they need to thrive initially and over the long term? Discussion covers siting, soil preparation, and planting, as well as protection and long term care for apples, pears, plums and cherries, chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. 

nicko rubin.jpg

Nicko Rubin owns and operates East Hill Tree Farm, nursery and demonstration farm for fruit trees, nuts, and berry plants in Plainfield, VT. He provides edible landscape consultation, design, and planting. He holds a master’s degree in landscape design.

Incorporating Permaculture Principles Into Your Garden | Amy Antonucci, Living Land Permaculture Homestead


Deepen your understanding of permaculture and how its principles and techniques can be applied to your garden. Permaculture can help you design food producing systems for the health of all involved including soil, plants, pollinators, people and planet. Learn how to create, nurture and protect the soil ecosystem with simple techniques. Take a virtual walk through Amy's gardens so you can see what is possible.

AmyInCleome-2013 (1).jpg

Amy Antonucci began growing food on a Seacoast NH organic farm in 1995. She later became a certified permaculture designer. She tends animals, plants and soil at Living Land Permaculture Homestead in Barrington NH. She is Seacoast Permaculture's main organizer and was proud to be NOFA-NH's Leading Gardener of 2017.

Gardening in Containers Both Indoors and Out | Acadia Tucker, Author at Stone Pier Press


Container gardening allows just about anyone to grow a decent amount of food, no backyard required. While growing food in pots may not do much to mitigate climate change like cultivating in backyard gardens, it can help us adapt to it by building stronger communities, supporting local pollinators, and expanding the reach of organic, regenerative agriculture.


In this session, learn what you need to grow your own tiny victory garden both indoors and out. One that can supply you with as much, or as little, food as you’d like. Topics like cultivating living soil, container selection, and which varieties work well in small places are covered.

Acadia Tucker.jpg

Acadia Tucker is a regenerative farmer, climate activist, and author. Her books are a call to action to citizen gardeners everywhere and lay the groundwork for planting an organic, regenerative garden. She lives in Down East Maine with her farm dogs, Nimbus and Pico, and grows hops to support locally sourced craft beer in New England.

Growing Backyard Herbs for Vital Wellness | Herbalist & Author Maria Noël Groves, Wintergreen Botanicals


Expand your garden with easy-to-grow herbs that taste great in tea, food, and herbal remedies while also enhancing optimal health in a variety of ways. Maria discusses the medicinal benefits and highlight how to grow, harvest, dry, and make medicine with some of her favorite common and less common herbs and weeds featured in her book Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies including holy basil (tulsi), lemon balm, marshmallow, Korean Licorice mint, motherwort, calendula, lemongrass, oat straw/milky oat seed, and lemon verbena, plus a shout out to indispensable herbal weeds dandelion and nettle. These beloved herbs can be harvested within one season and provide nutrition, calm, gentle energy, and support for the immune system, nervous system, cognition, digestion, detoxification, inflammation, cardiovascular health, and sleep. Maria also gives recommendations for where to buy these herbs as organic seedlings or seeds locally and by mail.

Maria Noel Groves.jpg

Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG), clinical herbalist, runs Wintergreen Botanicals, nestled in the pine forests of New Hampshire. Her business is devoted to education and empowerment via classes, health consultations, and writing with the foundational belief that good health grows in nature. She is the author of the award-winning, best-selling Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care and Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies. Learn more about Maria and herbs at WintergreenBotanicals.com.

Raising Backyard Chickens (and Eggs) | Paolamantina Grullón Livingstone, Living Stone Farm


Learn how to raise a healthy flock of chickens using organic practices and good bio security. Whether you have raised chickens for some years or you have never owned a chicken, you will surely come out learning something you had not thought of before. Topics covered include: feed, water hygiene, housing, supplementation, vaccination, and proper overall care of the flock through an organic lens.

paola grullon livingstone.jpg

Paolamantina Grullón Livingstone is a native from the Dominican Republic where she grew up to the time she came to study in college. Paola’s father was a bird lover and farming enthusiast who raised many exotic birds including Macaws, Love birds, Amazon Parrots, Cockatoos and many types of poultry including Silkies. Paola’s love for poultry is deep and it allows her to connect to her roots.


Living Stone Farm is an organic poultry farm specializing on rare breeds of poultry, waterfowl and peafowl. The Farm’s motto is “Growing Wild with Purpose,” and a big part of that motto is not just that they raise wild looking birds but that they want to themselves grow wild in the ways of thinking that are often passed on by the mainstream society as a whole.

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