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NOFA-NH Right Sized Containers for Plant

Video 3: The Right Sized Containers for Your Plants 


How do you choose the right sized containers for your plants? By getting in touch with their roots! Organic farmer Ron Christie of Living Earth Farm describes optimal containers for various plants in our third Northeast Organic Gardening video.

Watch the Video Here

Northeast Organic Gardening_How to build
Video 2: How to Build a Raised Bed 


Wood beds rot, and cedar is expensive. How do you build a raised bed that will last? We’re excited to show you in our second Northeast Organic Gardening video, a series of tutorials featuring organic farmer Ron Christie, owner of Living Earth Farm. Learn how to build durable raised beds for various plant heights in this short 10-minute video.

Watch the Video Here

NOFA-NH Organic Gardening Video - Tips o
Video 1: The Importance of Sunlight and Location 

Sunlight is critical to plant health and successful gardening. Learn more about optimal lighting conditions for your garden, including where, and where not, to plant vegetables, berry bushes and trees on your property in this short video featuring organic farmer Ron Christie, owner of Living Earth Farm in Concord, New Hampshire.

Watch the Video Here

Thank you for joining us for "Vegetable Garden Planning," 

a  free Webinar with instructor Ron Christie.

Watch the Webinar Here

Join Organic Farmer and NOFA-NH’s Leading Gardener of the Year Ron Christie for a free webinar on Vegetable Garden Planning. Learn about improving the function of your garden while increasing yields, lowering costs and reducing your workload. Ron will discuss garden location & layout, seeds, plants, equipment & supplies, harvest, storage, and so much more.

Coming Soon: Short videos on Ron's best gardening tips.

Instructor Ron Christie is passionate about teaching people how to grow their own nutritious organic food for better health and well-being. He is an avid four-season grower, and a former NOFA-NH Board Member and Master Gardener who loves sharing his experiences as a gardener and farmer. Ron and his family are starting Living Earth Farm in Concord, NH. They formerly owned a certified organic vegetable and fruit micro-farm in Brookline, NH, until 2017 when the farm was sold.

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