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NOFA-NH Video Archive


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Northeast Organic Gardening Video Series

Featuring Ron Christie, Owner of Living Earth Farm

Wick Irrigation for Container

Wick irrigation uses ropes as wicks to slowly and continuously supply water to the plant's roots. Learn how to set up a wick irrigation system for your container gardens.

Wick Irrigation for Transplants and Seed

Wick irrigation allows your plants to water themselves, assuring that they are getting exactly the right amount of water while saving you time! Learn how to use wick irrigation with seedlings and transplants.

NOFA-NH Right Sized Containers for Plant

How do you choose the right sized containers for your plants? By getting in touch with their roots! Learn about the optimal containers for growing a variety of vegetables.

Northeast Organic Gardening_How to build

Wood beds rot, and cedar is expensive. How do you build a raised bed that will last? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build durable raised beds for various plant heights.

NOFA-NH Organic Gardening Video - Tips o

Sunlight is critical to plant health and successful gardening. Learn more about optimal lighting conditions for your garden, including where, and where not, to plant vegetables, berry bushes and trees on your property.

Winter Conference 2018

Keith Morris Organic Cannabis Video.jpg

Keith Morris, Permaculture farmer and founder of Willow Crossing Farm, discussed organic cannabis at our 2018 Winter Conference.

Farmer activists, Dave Chapman, Roger Noonan, and Michael Phillips discussed the state of organic agriculture at our 2018 Winter Conference.

Winter Conference 2013 - Video PostCards Series

At our 2013 Winter Conference, members of the organic farming community told us about their experience.

Chuck Cox and his son Dorn Cox discuss raising a family and growing up at their multi-generational Tuckaway Farm. 

Julie Moran is the President and CEO of the North Country Farmers Cooperative.

Anthony Munene, farm manager at Fresh Start Farms NH in Dunbarton

Hear from Ray Conner, NOFA-NH's Beginner Farmer Program Coordinator in 2013

Mark Fulford, Soil Scientist, Teltane Farm

Maria Noel Groves, clinical herbalist, of the New Hampshire Herbal Network and Wintergreen Botanicals

Jennifer Gornnert, Director of Regulatory Services at NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food

Will Gowan had just moved to New Hampshire in 2013 to learn to farm.

Farm Managers John Welton and Emma Shroeder of The Community School

Scott Morrison, NOFA-NH Board President in 2013

Paul Doolittle, SunPoint Farm Sanctuary

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