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Workshops and Keynote

2024 Winter Conference

Content Guide Key

Kickoff Panel  |  9:00-10:00AM

Creating a Holistic Agricultural New England 

Workshop Session I  | 10:15-11:15AM

Creating Your Farm's Social Media Strategy

Cover Crop Management: Planting with a Purpose

Simple Ways of Being an Ally

Methods for Increasing Sustainable Food Security in the Monadnock Region and New England

Adventures of Making Tea From Your Garden

Food in Early Childhood Education: An overview of the current landscape in the Upper Valley, and possible pathways forward

Best Practices for High Tunnel Construction

Hindsight is Foresight: A 20/20 View of Livestock Farming

Workshop Session II  | 11:30AM-12:30PM

Rethinking your marketing messages to broaden your customer base; findings from a study of New England consumers

Perfecting Organic Greenhouse Tomatoes

Growing Culturally Significant Crops for Diverse Consumers in the Granite State

Gift. Economy. Farming. Feeding Each Other Without Selling Food

Building a Pantry From Foraged and Local Foods

From Surviving to Thriving: a Focus Group to Inform the NH Food and Agriculture Strategic Plan 

Soil to Health: Growing Hemp Organically

Solar on the Farm - Residential, Commercial and Community-Scale Leasing (NEW WORKSHOP)

Organic Certification, The What, The Why, The Who and the How for Farmers and Eaters

Neighborly Economics and Watershed Contracting to Heal Our Watershed Homes (CANCELLED)

Workshop Session III  | 2:45-3:45PM

An Introduction to Growing Cold-Hardy Wine Grapes in NH

Creating a Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Food System in NH

What's Up with Cannabis? An Update and Discussion on Cannabis and Hemp in New Hampshire 

Methods for Land Access and Tenure

Climate Futures: What You Can Expect on Your Farm

Policy and Regulatory Tools for Small Food Producers

Understanding the True Cost of Food

Farming & Spirituality: Sustenance for Body & Soul

Farmer Roundtable

Keynote Address | 4:15-5:30PM

"Hope is a Choice; Change is a Strategy" with Philip Ackerman Leist

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