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Workshops and Keynote

2023 Winter Conference

Live Streamed Workshops. Will be held in person and streamed over zoom.

Kickoff Panel  |  9:00-10:00AM

Adapting New England Farms to Climate Change

Workshop Session I  | 10:15-11:15AM

Getting Involved in New Hampshire Politics

How to Engage Children in Gardening

Biochar and How It Can Improve Soil Health (CANCELLED)

Religious Diversity on the Farm

Keeping a Family Dairy Cow

Weed Management: White Thread Weeds

Timber Framing Intensive Session I: Mortise and Tenons 

Building Skills to Manage Stress and Mental Health on the Farm

Workshop Session II  | 11:30AM-12:30PM

The Real Organic Movement

Making No-Till Work in Organic Systems

Your Farm Story and How and Why to Tell It

Making Masa and Building a Local Grainshed

Small Space Gardening: Thinking Outside the Box

NH Food Hub Forum

Edible Native Plants You Can Grow or Forage

Timber Framing Intensive Session II: Mortise and Tenons 

Workshop Session III  | 2:30-3:30PM

Farmer to Farmer Gathering With Vital Communities

Increasing Winter Production: How to Grow Microgreens

in a Modified Cold Storage Room

Livestock Want Browse: Doable Methods For Use of Wild Woody Perennials

Resilience Farming:  Farming with Permaculture Ethics and Ecological Patterns in Mind

The Essentials of Fermentation

Propagating, Grafting and Layering Hardwood Trees and Shrubs

Honey Production in New Hampshire

The Art and Alchemy of Distilling Flowers and Herbs

Keynote Address | 4:00-5:30PM

Essex Farm to Consumers: Community Focused Practices That Helped Us Grow
Kristin and Mark Kimball of Essex Farm, NY

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