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Why Go Organic
Why Go Organic?


What is Organic? (CCOF California Certified Organic Farmers)


What It Means to Be Organic (Only Organic)


Organic FAQs (Organic Farming Research Foundation)


Just Label It Campaign (Organic Voices Action Fund)

Top 12 Reasons to Go Organic (The Organic Center)

Why Organic? (Rodale Institute)

Why Choose Local Organic? (NOFA-NH)

Why Choose Certified Organic, Locally Grown? (NOFAVT)


Five Essential Facts About Pesticides On Fruits And Vegetables

(Environmental Working Group)

NOFA-Mass Soil Carbon Restoration Resources

Resources for Gardeners

UNH Extension Education Center & Information Hotline (Goffstown, NH)

1-877-EXT-GROW (1-877-398-4769)

Cite Ecologique Learning Center (Colebrook, NH)

(603) 237-5041

Educational Resources

Seed & Garden Supply Companies

Local Certified Organic Nurseries

  • Heath's Greenhouse & Nursery (Sugar Hill, NH) - certified organic grower of seedlings, potted plants, nursery stock, fresh produce, & organic poultry birds 

  • Walden Heights Nursery & Orchard (Walden, VT) - specializing in certified organic heritage variety fruit trees, bushes, and other cold hardy plants for edible landscape

Resources for Farmers & Aspiring Farmers

More Farming Resources are available HERE.

Educational Resources


Organic Certification


Regulations and Legal Resources

Tool & Equipment Rentals


Farmland Access

Resources for Aspiring Farmers



Other Resources for Farm Businesses

Resources for Consumers


Guides for Purchasing Decisions


Local Food Directories

Local Food Maps

Local Food Guides

Food Hubs


Online Ordering

​Regional & Statewide Organizations

*CSA is the abbreviation for "Consumer Supported Agriculture"​

and PYO is the abbreviation for "Pick Your Own"

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