The "CRAFT of Farming" 

CRAFT stands for Collaborative Regional Alliances for Farmer Training. It is a national program of small, independent regional alliances focused on training for farmers, farm workers, interns and apprentices. CRAFT expands training beyond the individual farm by bringing farmers, farm workers, gardeners, homesteaders, students and consumers together at educational on-farm workshops within their regional collaborative to meet colleagues and learn new skills.
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Stout Oak Farm

2022 CRAFT Programs

CRAFT is in its fourth season and we have an exciting lineup of farms. Each program will be great opportunity to learn from your peers and connect with the community. This season we will have six on farm CRAFT programs throughout the state. Each program involves a tour of the farm, educational session, and time to socialize and network with the host and attendees. Please register in advance for the programs you wish to attend. 

Pricing & Registration

Sliding Scale: $5-$15

Farmers, Farm Workers & NOFA Members can attend for free

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Stout Oak Farm

Strategies for Long Term Success: Record Keeping & Team Organization 

Thursday, July 14, 4:30-6:30PM | Brentwood, NH

Using a team oriented approach from planning to implementation, the Stout Oak farmers strive to grow more food each year, while taking good care of the land, and making efficient use of resources. Clear communication, team organization, and working on a shared vision have been important factors in the farm’s success.  Their team has developed communication and recordkeeping systems that have helped them improve productivity and efficiency and stay organized year after year. Learn about recordkeeping and communication strategies, and explore recent infrastructure improvements to understand how you can enhance the long-term outlook on your farm. 


Kearsarge Food Hub & Sweet Beet Farm

Farm Bill Listening Session with Rep. Ann Kuster and Sweet Beet Farm Tour 

Wednesday, August 24, 2-4PM | Bradford, NH

The Farm Bill will head back into congress next year for amendments and a vote to renew the key piece of legislature for food in the United States. NOFA-NH has invited U.S. Representative Ann Kuster to participate in a listening session with our local agriculture and food community. Rep Kuster currently sits on the Ag Committee in Washington and looks to support our small farm focused food system in New England. This listening session is an opportunity to make your voice and presence heard about our collective priorities in the state.


Kearsarge Food Hub and Sweet Beet Market will be the host for this event. An intersection of our farms and our community, the food hub will play a perfect backdrop for the listening session. Afterwards we invite you to come to a tour of Sweet Beet Farm to see how they have utilized grant funding to increase infrastructure and learn about how things work on the farm and its connection to the food hub.


Fresh Start Farms

Growing Culturally Appropriate Food and the Fresh Start Farms Program

Thursday, Sept 8, 4:30-6:30PM | Concord, NH

The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS) launched Fresh Start Farms to assist refugees with resettlement in America. The program has become a valuable resource not just for refugees but for the local community. Utilizing previously unfarmed land across Concord, the program has grown to incorporate farm shares, a market in Manchester, mobile delivery, and various food access programs. Using the expertise of farmers from 8 different countries they have been able to introduce numerous culturally appropriate food options to the community. Learn about the Fresh Start Farms program and about the unique ethnic varieties of plants the farm team is growing including how they are grown and how to save seeds for continued cultivation.


Grounding Stone Farm

Success with Organic Blueberries: Soil Care and Pest Management Strategies

Saturday, Sept 24, 1-3PM | Contoocook, NH

Blueberries are a staple fruit in New England. Whether adding them to your farm operation or growing them in your backyard, this fruit is sure to be a winner for your business or home. However, growing fruit can have its challenges, especially grown organically. This CRAFT workshop will focus on the organic soil management needed to ensure good growth in your blueberry bushes and strategies for deterring pests from also enjoying the fruit you grow. Other topics may be discussed if time allows.


Brookford Farm

Diversifying Your Farm

Saturday, October 1, 1-4PM (Tour 3-4PM) | Canterbury, NH

Sustainable agriculture is moving away from the days of monocultures (producing one crop) and finding success in diversifying what is produced on the farm. In NH, Brookford Farm has established one of the most reputable diversified organic farm operations in the state. The Farm has consistently grown over 35 acres of certified organic vegetables, milked Jersey cows for dairy food production & bottling, raised livestock for meat and eggs, and sold at the farm and distributed throughout the state to be enjoyed by many. 

Brookford Farm is the host for one of our 50th Anniversary events. From 1-3PM there will be live music, farm fresh pizza made by the Brookford Farm team, and exhibitors from local organizations. From 3-4PM the farm team will lead a CRAFT tour around the farm focused on exploring the various farm operations that diversify the business. To register for this CRAFT program please register for the 50th anniversary event

Clyde Farm

Raising and On Site Processing Poultry (Turkeys and Chickens)

Saturday, October 22, 1-3PM | Farmington, NH


Clyde Farm raises 700 broilers and 60 turkeys each year as well as processes all poultry on the farm. The finished products are sold direct to consumers through retail and CSA subscriptions.  Chicken and Turkey is in high demand and has a relatively fast return on investment for the small farm. Although the broiler season will be over, participants will get to see turkeys on pasture as they transition from tractors to free range poultry netting.  Topics covered will include:  nutrient cycling on an organic diversified farm, pasture health, predators, brooding, chicken tractors, solar powered electric fence, processing, storage, business planning and more.

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