The "CRAFT of Farming" 

What is CRAFT? CRAFT stands for Collaborative Regional Alliances for Farmer Training. It is a national program of small, independent regional alliances focused on training for farmers, farm workers, interns and apprentices. CRAFT expands training beyond the individual farm by bringing farmers and farm workers together at educational on-farm events within their regional collaborative to meet colleagues and learn new skills.
How does it work? Annually, NOFA-NH schedules a series of on farm workshops for the public to attend in the summer to early fall. Each program is created to help build skills and community with our local commercial growers, aspiring farmers, gardeners, homesteaders and interested consumers. These workshops take place across the state and encourage those locally and state-wide to attend. Each program is 2-3 hours long and takes on the typical format:
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Welcome: A NOFA-NH staff member welcomes the group to the host farm

Tour: Explore the farm with one or more of the farm's staff members to learn about the property and see how they operate. 

Educational Session: The host farm selects an educational topic to incorporate into their tour. Education topics are focused on building skills and engaging dialogue with the group.

Socialize: After the educational session and/or tour NOFA-NH provides snacks and encourages time to meet with others in the group or talk with the hosts. When able, the snacks are sourced from the host site.

“We really benefited from getting connected with local nonprofits in the area. We will be able to work with them in the future to expand our operation and enrich the community.”

Abigail Clarke, Winter Street Farm 


“It was nice to be with farmers that think about making improvements to their farms and ways to share their assets with other farmers.”

Joanne Ducas, Mountain Heartbeet 


“Having to share one's opinions and get questioned upon them is a learning experience in and of itself. Further, the opportunities presented by engaging with others can be boundless in talking Ag.”

Aaron Lichtenberg, Winnipesaukee Woods Farm 


2022 CRAFT Programs

In 2022 NOFA-NH is planning to have six in person CRAFT programs held on farms in multiple counties across New Hampshire. We will also be offering an online webinar series focused on commercial growers. The in person farm tours and online webinar series will take place this summer and fall and will be open to the public to attend. 

Check back soon for full details on the upcoming CRAFT programs happening in 2022 and to register to attend!

2021 CRAFT winter street farm.jpg
2018-09-21 Stonewall Farm Hub Launch, photo by Karl Thidemann DSC_0487.jpg

Check Out Our Past CRAFT Seasons!
Including Virtual Tours in 2020

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2018-09-21 Stonewall Farm Hub Launch, photo by Karl Thidemann DSC_0487.jpg