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Farmer Consultations

2023 Winter Conference

Have direct discussions with farmer consultants who are experts in numerous aspects of farming and business management. These discussions are ideal for anyone with specific questions related to farming who wants to learn more about a topic area listed below. Discussions are on a walk-in basis during scheduled times throughout the day. Our knowledgeable farmer consultants are eager to help you learn more and collaborate!

Bruce Wooster

Bruce has been produce farming for nearly three decades. After a background that included a bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology from Stanford University, in 1992, and a summer at the Seed Saver’s Exchange Iowa gardens in 1995, Bruce has been farming organically in New England since 1996. In 2001 he moved to Appleton Farms, in Massachusetts, for CSA farming with Jennifer Hausman. Bruce and Jenny married in 2003, and moved to Winchester, NH in 2006. There they’ve been founding stewards of Picadilly Farm, with children Beckley and Jesse.  


Topic Areas: Vegetable Production, Farmland Conservation, and General Farm Management


Time: 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM 


Jim Riddle & Joyce Ford

Jim has been an organic farmer, gardener, inspector, educator, policy analyst, author, speaker and avid organic eater. Jim was founding president of the Winona Farmers Market and the International Organic Inspectors Association, (IOIA), and co-author of the International Organic Inspection Manual. Jim served as chair of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Organic Advisory Task Force and worked for the University of Minnesota as Organic Outreach Coordinator. Jim and wife, Joyce Ford, co-own Blue Fruit Farm, growing blueberries, black currants, elderberries, aronia berries, honeyberries and more.


Topic Areas: Organic Standards and General Process/Legal Requirements for Certification 


Time: 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM 

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Sarah Hansen and Sam Bower

Sarah and Sam are farmers at Kearsarge Gore Farm and co-owners of Warner Public Market with well over two decades of farming experience between them. Kearsarge Gore Farm is a diversified organic vegetable farm in Warner, NH that grows food for Local Harvest CSA and multiple markets around the state. In addition to growing vegetables, they raise livestock, produce maple syrup, and maintain a woodlot, which allows them to farm year-round. 


Topic Areas: Four Season Farming, Low Till, Rotation Grazing, Vegetable Production, Woodland Management 


Time: 1:15 - 2 PM 

Shana Hanson

Shana Hanson is a professional orchard tree pruner and grafter since 1983, wild fresh-market blueberry producer since 1989, teacher of seed saving, threshing, winnowing, root cellar building, food preservation since 1999 (experience since 1982), and goatherd since 2003. Shana was a goose grazier from 2008 to 2018 (sold hatching eggs, live birds, quill pen kits; preserved meats for farm)and  breeder/keeper of various poultry (chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, muscovies) 1991 to 2020. She is currently a tree pollarder and scholar of tree fodder for livestock since 2010, work sow raiser, breeder, trainer, driver since 2013 (sold piglets), climate and forestry studies since about 2015, and cowherd and driver (of single bovines integrated with goats and hog) since 2019.


Topic Areas: Tree Fodder for Livestock and General Livestock Discussion


Time: 10 - 11 AM 


Denise Rico

Denise coordinates the NOFA-NH Bulk Order program which helps supply farm and garden goods to farmers and home growers. She has also owned and operated a small landscape business in NH for over 20 years and has grown certified organic vegetables for market for numerous years, currently at Terra Organics in Contoocook.

Topic Areas: Bulk Order and General Equipment/Supply Inquiries 

Time: 3:30 - 4 PM 

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