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2024 Winter Conference

Have direct, semi-private discussions with individuals and organizations who are knowledgeable on many aspects of farming. These discussions are ideal for anyone with specific questions they need answers to. Discussions are on a walk-in basis during scheduled times during the day. The consultants are knowledgeable in various areas related to farming and business and eager to help you learn more and collaborate. 

All consultations will be held in Robert Frost Hall in the Atrium.

Olivia Saunders

Olivia Saunders, an agricultural field specialist at UNH Cooperative Extension, is a 2016 national SARE Fellow and a participant in the Climate Adaptation Fellowship by the northeast climate hub and UMaine Extension. Specializing in climate change, soil health, and farmer mental health, Olivia serves as the SARE Professional Development Program Coordinator.


Topic Areas: SARE Grants, doing research on your farm, starting a farm, farm business planning, and holistic farm management.


Time: 10:15-11AM

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Vickie Smith

(NHDAMF Produce Safety) 

NH DAMF Produce Safety Program provides basic steps to implement when growing crops, harvesting and preparing for market safe food products. Staff are knowledgable on measures for safe production of fruits and vegetables. Vickie Smith was a NHDAMF Agriculture Inspector for 28 years, retired in 2015. Currently, Vickie manages the Dept's Produce Safety Program, oversee grant management and conduct PS farm inspections.


Topic Areas: Food safety


Time: 11:15AM-12PM

Shelley and Robin Hulbert

Shelley & Robin Hulbert have been practicing biodynamics for 25 years. Biodynamic agriculture began in 1924 as an answer to concerns about degrading soils, plants, and animal health, as a result of the use of synthetic fertilizers. Shelley & Robin make the biodynamic preparations on their small farm, Callie's Creamery in Peterborough, NH, where they milk cows, make yogurt and steward 35 acres of gardens, pasture, hayfields, orchards and a small apiary using biodynamic practices. You can learn more about biodynamics by visiting their website:


Topic Areas: Biodynamics and small scale livestock management. 


Time: 2:45-3:30PM

Farmers Warehouse
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