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NOFA-NH Refund Policy

NOFA-NH will provide refunds under the following conditions 

  1. Event cancellation by NOFA-NH (weather, public health, or other factors) 

  2. Billing error made by NOFA-NH 

  3. Participant withdraws from event 21 days or more prior to event, subject to $20 minimum non-refundable fee

NOFA-NH will NOT provide refunds for any of the following: 

  1. Cancellation of membership by requestor 

  2. Withdrawal from events where the registration cost is $20 or less

  3. Participant withdraws from event less than 21 days prior to event 

For all refund requests, NOFA-NH asks the requestor to instead consider the following: 

  1. Donate the refundable amount to NOFA-NH 

  2. Apply the refundable amount to a NOFA-NH membership (new or renewal) 

  3. Apply the refundable amount as a Credit toward a future, publicly announced event 

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