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NOFA-NH Strategic Plan
2021 - 2026

The importance of a resilient, equitable, and healthy organic New Hampshire food system has been highlighted by the historic events of 2020, which exposed major flaws in a globalized food chain largely dependent on industrial agriculture. People appreciate the importance of having fresh, nutrient dense, local foods readily available and grown sustainably by farmers they know and trust. More and more people recognize the need for nutritious, healthy food that’s grown right here in New Hampshire using non-toxic, regenerative methods. They also have a renewed interest in home gardening and self-reliance, food sovereignty, food security, environmental and social justice, as well as community and climate resiliency. 


NOFA-NH recognizes this profound moment of cultural awakening and the value of our fifty-year history of building sustainable, healthy communities. Our intention is to continue amplifying our work of fostering ecologically sound, just food systems in New Hampshire and the Northeast. We recognize such endeavors’ power to heal people, ecosystems, economic disparities, and even the climate. These endeavors have the potential to reinvigorate local communities even as they provide dignified, prosocial work and nourish self-reliance and health.


Achieving this broad vision begins internally. Our strategic goals for the next 5 years include:


  1. Increase public awareness and commitment to the benefits of organic practices.

  2. Increase the impact and visibility of NOFA-NH’s educational offerings.

  3. Support resilience, security, and sustainability at every level of the food chain.

  4. Promote diversity, equity and racial justice in our organization and the organic community.

  5. Improve NOFA-NH’s financial health to allow it to transition from a Board-led organization to a staff-led organization.



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