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NH 2022 Legislative Session: Bills of Particular Interest

NOFA-NH's Policy Committee is closely tracking many exciting bills currently in the state’s legislative process—from farm to school and nutrition assistance to organic farming, compost, and more. Below is a list of the bills we recommend supporting and opposing during the 2022 legislative session.

Here's how you can participate in the legislative process: 



2022-2158 HB 1657

Title: Establishing a New Hampshire farm to school reimbursement program.

Sponsors: (Prime) Alexis Simpson , Linda MassimillaKat McGheeWilliam MarshMegan MurrayTom LoughmanGary MerchantJames AllardSue MullenBrodie Deshaies


2022-3057 SB369

Title: Relative to organic farming.

Sponsors: (Prime) Jay KahnDavid WattersLucy WeberPeter BixbyDan WolfTom ShermanJames AllardSuzanne PrentissRebecca WhitleyBrodie Deshaies


2022-2962 SB403

Title: Re-establishing the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Whitley , Jeb BradleyDavid WattersDonna SoucyMel MylerDavid LuneauRegina BirdsellJay KahnBill GannonKevin CavanaughTom ShermanSafiya WazirCindy RosenwaldErin HennesseySuzanne PrentissRebecca Perkins KwokaBrodie Deshaies


2022-2963 SB404

Title: Establishing a supplemental nutrition assistance program.

Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Whitley , Lou D'AllesandroJeb BradleyDavid WattersDonna SoucyMary Jane WallnerKimberly RiceDavid LuneauJess EdwardsBill GannonKevin CavanaughTom ShermanCindy RosenwaldErin HennesseySuzanne PrentissRebecca Perkins KwokaBrodie Deshaies


2022-2746 HB1412

Title: Relative to gardening, homesteading, and organic food production.

Sponsors: (Prime) William Foster , Lino AvellaniGregory HillCharles MelvinMichael YakubovichDawn JohnsonRichard LittlefieldBrodie DeshaiesLex BerezhnyMelissa Blasek


2022-2265 HB1172

Title: Requiring composting and waste recycling to be made available to residents of public housing. 

Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager


2022-2729 HB1406

Title: AN ACT authorizing municipalities to collect compost.

SPONSORS: Rep. Egan, Graf. 2; Rep. Gallager, Merr. 15; Rep. Myler, Merr. 10; Rep. Alexander Jr., Hills. 6; Rep. Weston, Graf. 8; Sen. Hennessey, Dist 1


2022-2633 HB1304

Title:  Establishing a committee to study the impacts of outdoor working conditions in heat and cold.

Sponsors: (Prime) Maria Perez


2022-2373 HB1517

Title: Creating a pollinator solar scorecard.

Sponsors: (Prime) Mary Hakken-Phillips , Rebecca McWilliams


2022-2035 HB1635

Title: Relative to the purchase of output of limited electrical energy producers and including qualifying storage system

Sponsors: (Prime) Kat McGheeDan WolfTroy MernerWalter StapletonJames Allard


2022-2116 HB1450 text

Title: Including agricultural resources under the land and community heritage investment program. 

Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Caplan , Peter BixbyLaurel Stavis


22-2052 HB1561

Title: Relative to school nutrition standards.

Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Suzanne SmithAlexis SimpsonBonnie HamJames Allard


22-2041 HB1058 - Title: Relative to the time allowed for public school students to eat lunch.

Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Suzanne SmithLinda MassimillaAlexis SimpsonBonnie HamManny EspitiaJames Allard


22-2051 HB1564

Title: Requiring school districts to provide breakfast for students.

Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Suzanne SmithLinda MassimillaAlexis SimpsonDan WolfBonnie HamJames Allard


22-2886 SB 233

Title: Relative to water bottle filling stations in schools.

Sponsors: (Prime) Tom Sherman , Marjorie PorterMel MylerDavid LuneauSuzanne Prentiss





2022-2144 HB1198 - Relative to rules of the department of education concerning culture and climate in schools.

Sponsors: (Prime) Gregg Hough , David Binford

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