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Fair From Farm to Retail:

Fairness in Treatment of Farm Workers, Fairness in Pricing


NOFA NH and the other NOFA state chapters are collaborating with the Agricultural Justice Project (of which the NOFA’s are one of four founding members) to support our organic farming community’s efforts in addressing our shared social justice values in building an equitable food system as we launch a two-year campaign Fair From Farm to Retail: fairness in treatment of farm workers, fairness in pricing.

NOFA & AJP intend to assist farmers—gratis—in implementing or strengthening these values with free technical assistance through AJP’s tool-kit resources and / or through NOFA & AJP-led workshops, presentations, webinars, & field days.


We seek both seasoned & beginning farmers, representing the broad spectrum of commodities & buyers, requesting that, for starters, farmers complete a 10 minute Farmer Benchmark Checklist assessing current practices & identifying where assistance is requested.

Not a farmer? Support your own social & economic justice values by sharing the Checklist with a farmer friend or neighbor, or with the farmer who operates your CSA, or with the farmer who is your favorite vendor at the farmers’ market.


We can all stand with the AJP & with NOFA in supporting farmers & farm workers alike as they pursue dignified living careers while they feed us healthy & nutritious food!



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