Meet Our Members | January 2020

Name and Occupation: Ray Conner, Manager and Hugh Herr, Owner

Business Name: Mermaid Hill Vineyard

ray conner mermaid hill.jpg

How long have you been a member of NOFA-NH? 1- year, in this iteration. Ray was a very active NOFA-NH member and employee in the past while running her other farm. We are looking forward to taking better advantage of what NOFA-NH has to offer in 2020.

Why did you become a member of NOFA-NH? We want to help foster a community of support (clients, growers, etc.) for organic viticulture and natural wine making in NH. More broadly, we want to support an organization that provides education, community connection, and advocacy on behalf of organic production in our state. 

How has NOFA-NH impacted your business? Mermaid Hill Vineyard is very new on the scene (2019!), and hasn't engaged with NOFA-NH enough to see a direct impact on our business. However, we would love to work with NOFA-NH to educate members about organic wine production in our state (there's not much, and there are many reasons) and increase consumer access to a variety of locally grown (and soon to be natural!) wines. And, of course, the bulk order!

What's your number one priority for NOFA-NH this year? We think growing and maintaining the NOFA-NH grower community should be a priority. We love the speaker lineup at the 2020 Winter Conference, and appreciate this heartbeat event that brings so many of us together to reconnect during this slower paced time of year. 


How could NOFA-NH better help your business grow? This is a really good start! Send members to our weekly Vineyard Tours and Tastings, hosted Saturdays, 1-4pm, starting in May!

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about becoming a NOFA-NH member? Read the newsletters, attend events/workshops, and meet each other (your farmers)! The more you engage, the more you benefit!

Does your business have any upcoming activities or events you would like to share with the NOFA-NH community?

We are hosting a snowshoe and tasting event on February 15th, and will be open Saturdays for tours and tastings starting in May! Check us out on Facebook for updates!

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