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Meet Our Members | December 2020

Name and Occupation: Ron Laurence, Owner 

Business Name: Blueberry Bay Farm

blueberry bay farm.jpg

How long have you been a member of NOFA-NH? Approximately 15 years.


Why did you become a member of NOFA-NH? Ever since being a young boy, I tried to use as many natural materials as possible in my numerous backyard gardens. When I finally retired and chose farming as my principal endeavor, it was a natural to join NOFA-NH to boost my knowledge in all things natural for the farm.


How has NOFA-NH impacted your business? NOFA-NH, and many of the state cooperative extensions, particularly UNH, became an important resource for enabling my farm to be totally chemical-free for the last 6 years; i.e. no sprays of any kind, not even organic-approved insecticides, fungicides or herbicides.


What’s your number one priority for NOFA-NH this year? NOFA-NH should further their advocacy and outreach for greater knowledge of pest behaviors, life-cycles, etc. and to promote natural methods, use of beneficial/ predatory insects and lures and traps, and bio-controls to meet these adversaries effectively.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about becoming a NOFA-NH member? Anyone considering farming as a career, a retirement, or even a hobby should definitely join NOFA-NH to take advantage of all the resources, both informational and social, available, so as to do their part in assuring a sustainable future.

Does your business have any upcoming activities or events you would like to share with the NOFA-NH community? Assuming continuing good health, I intend to continue offering pick-your-own (the freshest possible), chemical-free food while constantly gaining new knowledge and experience to increase our productivity.

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