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Past Programs & Events

Film Screenings & Panel Discussions
NOFA-NH periodically hosts both virtual and in-person film screenings and panel discussions.

Food Solutions Forum
The Food Solutions Forum brought farmers, fishermen, small business owners, food workers, producers, advocates, scientists, presidential candidates and the public together for a non-partisan discussion of food and agriculture. Read More
Fundamentals of Organic Lawn Care Workshops
The Merrimack County Conservation District and NOFA-NH hosted three FREE workshops presented by Britt Phillips, owner of Complete Land Organics. Attendees learned that creating a sustainable, healthy, chemical free lawn begins with understanding what is happening biologically in the soil to take the next step to a healthy and sustainable lawn. Read More
NH Gleans
From 2013–20, NOFA-NH participated in NH Gleans, a network of organizations increasing the availability of fresh and local produce distributed through food pantries, soup kitchens, community suppers and schools in NH. Gleaning Coordinators and volunteers harvest food from farms and farmers markets that have not been distributed or sold, and donate them to organizations supplying food to community members in need. Read More
NOFA Cost of Production Project
NOFA-NH, NOFA/MASS, and NOFA-VT worked with 30 organic vegetable farmers to determine the cost of production of vegetable crops commonly grown in the Northeast. Funded by a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant, this project developed tools, provided technical assistance, and aggregated data into factsheets to support farmers’ production planning and assist them in increasing the profitability of their farm businesses. Read More
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